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I’m on Day 5 of the Whole30 now and am firmly in the “I Just Want a Nap” phase with an occasional lingering “Kill All the Things” moment like at breakfast when I could not get a bite in without my son wanting me to look at him and explain what something or other was – or give him a bite of my food. I’m passing more quickly along the detox timeline than what seems to be the average and I’m thankful for that. But that’s not what’s really on my mind.

What I cannot stop wondering at is something the Whole30 is showing me that came as a complete surprise. I never realized how much I was solely relying on my sense of taste, through food and drink, to comfort me. It’s not like I was gorging on fast food or even eating every time I wanted to. I do have pretty good self-control, especially since I went gluten-free 7 years ago. But, still, the sense that I was satisfying when needing comfort was my sense of taste. I was ignoring all my other senses and their ability to provide the same level of comfort without the poor health side effects.

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To fill in my late afternoons when I would usually have a soda or coffee in hand and my energy would be flagging, I’m now turning on music – everything from Gershwin to the Black Eyed Peas. Music is an amazing mood lifter! As a lifelong pianist I should know that, right? Plus it gets me up and dancing which is a little extra exercise. And speaking of extra exercise, I’m also moving around the house, doing more chores, and cleaning all those pots and pans I’m using to cook meals. It feels great to be touching water and clean towels and food, and using my hands to work in my home. I think some of this comes from the real energy I’m starting to see as opposed to the fake sugar energy I was used to relying on.

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I was dreading the after-dinner hours when Nathan is asleep. Usually it’s my put-up-my-feet-have-a-drink-and-dessert time. Instead, I’m finding that I’m not hungry at all, and my thirst is quenched with sparkling water. To fill the time we’ve been playing games as we watch interesting movies which engages our minds, eyes, and ears. And we go to bed earlier.

Today I plan to light candles so I can find comfort through my sense of smell and I’m thinking of ideas for what to look at so I can use my eyes well also. Maybe some art books? Pictures of nature?

Taste? You’re a good friend. But, Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing? I need you too!

The first time I heard Rhapsody in Blue I was probably 7. My dad had recently brought home a CD player and one of the first CDs we owned was Levant plays Gershwin. I would lay on the floor of the living room listening to that piece of music over and over completely entranced.I don’t remember my mom ever complaining. Now as a mom I can imagine that if your young child wants to spend her time listening to art in your living room you do whatever needs to be done to encourage her in that pursuit.

There are few pieces that rival Rhapsody in Blue for their ability to fire the imagination and tell a story. The miracle is that the story changes each time you hear the song. Whatever is on your mind fits seamlessly in and becomes a more jazzy, jaunty, romantic version of itself. I think it would be amazing to play that song to a class of writing students as their intro and see what comes of it.

23 years on from that first listen I still thrill to those long intro notes every single time. What a glorious piece of art.