1. My warm, wiry baby snuggled close at night (and kicking me – I even love the kicking). I swore I’d never do cosleeping again and I’m so glad Elijah was persuasive and persistent and changed my mind.

2. Nathan signing “I love you” spontaneously and touching his fingers to mine when I sign it back.

3. Being Nathan’s voice. It’s a huge daily challenge and honor. And I will miss it when it’s gone.

4. Working on our marriage. It’s been more work the past few months, years, and I think that’s a really good thing.

5. The way a day flies by because it’s filled to the brim with necessary tasks.

6. Our bedtime routine. It’s long and that drives my crazy sometimes. But I love all the little pieces and how they got started and who plays each role.

7. Open mouth baby kisses.

8. Elijah saying, “uh-oh” whenever he drops something, throws something, pulls something….etc…and how he stands by things he’s not supposed to do and says, “Nononononononononono.”

9. Nathan screaming with laughter whenever Elijah heads for the toilet/gets in the cat litter/eats cat food/manages to find some other naughty thing to do.

10. The way Elijah clings to me and wraps his hands around my neck.

11. Nathan sounding out every word on everything every time.

12. Jason working close enough to come home for lunch.

13. Elijah singing himself to sleep. And singing in the car. And singing while he plays. And singing to ask me to sing.

14. The way Nathan runs around the library visiting all his favorite sections hoping there will be something new or interesting just like I used to do when I was a kid. Just like I still do, to be honest.

15. New friendships. I have so many real, supportive friendships in my life. It’s a gift.

16. The abundant gifts of this season after a long, hard year of faithfully living small.

17. Nathan’s limp.

18. Elijah’s white blonde duck fluff and how it reminds me of the song, “But the one little duck with a feather on his back, he ruled the others with a quack, quack, quack!”

19. Tickling Nathan to keep him awake in the car.

20. Menu plans filled with easy meals that I like to eat.