I don’t always have big goals for the year. But sometimes I do. I’m variable like that.

And I dislike the concept of cheesy resolutions about as much as I love the opportunity to start fresh with some new goals in the New Year. I’m, well, hypocritical like that.

As I sit here with my heating pad warming my back that I’ve now “thrown out” three times in about as many months, I can help but think about what I’m yearning to add (or subtract to my year). I might as well jot them down as a “mark time” in my life so I can remember.

1. Celebrate holidays deeply. e.g. Love on my people on Valentine’s Day, observe Lent and then celebrate and rejoice on Easter. Focus birthdays to honor the actual person as they actually are and not how I wish they were or other people expect me to celebrate.

2. Write things down. I bought a paper calendar again to help with this. I’m working on a Household Binder. Nathan and I plan to start a gratitude journal together. I’d like to write down more of what happens in our day-to-day, my thoughts on the boys development, our marriage, etc. I’m a writer and I need to write things down.

3. Manage stress. 2014 was stress incarnate. Unremitting, hourly, constant, physical, emotional, mental stress. I worked to fit in self-care, but it’s no surprise that I wasn’t coming first (or third) in our schedule. I need off the caffeine-sugar-alcohol roller coaster. I need to fit in regular quiet alone time. I need to move stress out physically for the sake of mental health alone.

4. Regain some spark. It wasn’t too long ago I was known for a quirky sense of style both in my clothing and home. Now I barely recognize either. I go out wearing the most atrocious clothes, our home has languished barely decorated for months. Two kids, pregnancy, and our  move have done a number on me and my outward expressions of creativity and self. I’ve made a few inroads in both my home and clothing, and that needs to continue or I’ll lose my mind.

5. Kindness. This should be first, but this list was stream of conscious. I really want my interactions with my husband and children to be about kindness first, details later. This is easier with the kids, Jason not so much. In the pressure cooker of raising young kids, tight budgets, and profound and extensive sleep deprivation, details loom as emergencies and kindness gets pushed to the back burner. I hate this and I want this to change.

So there, that’s what’s on my mind as I contemplate a fresh start. You? Any goals?