As I was cleaning up toys (again!) in order to make space for my yoga mat I got to thinking about how Nathan creates worlds with his blocks and train tracks and farm animals. Every day he gets down on the floor with the basic items and after a few minutes there are new pieces of colorful architecture, a pastoral railroad, or a fairground with 4-H animals.

Every night the buildings come down, the tracks go back in the box and the animals go back to their plastic barn. And Nathan doesn’t care. He can build again tomorrow. He trusts, without even knowing, that his imagination will be there and he can create something using it and whatever he finds.

How wonderful is the wisdom of a young one who hasn’t yet learned to fear the finite. In my “wisdom” I know that I may not finish what I envision so I talk myself out of ever starting. In doing so I miss the opportunity to practice, to learn, and to play.