I never expected to have a following of people watching my child’s life through facebook posts. Before Nathan I kept my friends list limited, posted occasionally, and never really thought about it much. I was strongly considering deleting my account until the spring of 2012 when the adoption forums moved to facebook and it became a place where I could connect with other families in the process of adoption.


When he came home, facebook was the perfect way to introduce him to everyone without having to introduce everyone to him. And it became a lifeline to other adoptive parents the world over who I could never get to know in person. I met some of my dearest, most supportive friends on facebook. I never thought I’d be that person, but now I am.


Plus, there’s this other thing that keeps me posting. Without planning for it or even realizing it as it happened, there has sprung up a group of people who love Nathan from afar and keep a watch over his life. I think of it as his “cloud of witnesses” like in Hebrews. There are people all over the world who are watching him grow and heal and make progress. People who pray for him and cheer for him and get excited as he learns new things. I love that this little boy who was born on the other side of the world, who lost more within the first two weeks of his life than most do in decades, who learned about the darkest parts of life and loneliness and fear as an infant – this survivor with the infectious smile and the genius intellect and the courage to fight, fight, fight – this boy has a cloud of witnesses who can stand and testify to the miracle, the blessing, the effort, the hardship, the love. I don’t know what’s in store for his life, but my gut says it’s something amazing.


That’s why when he makes progress, I post about it. When he struggles I post about it. I tell way more about my life than I would ever have thought so Nathan’s witnesses can know what is going on and keep watch.

So, if you’re one of his witnesses, thank you. Thank you for loving my boy. And I’d love to know who you are. I know lots of people watch my posts and visit the blog and never comment because they tell me when they run into me at the store or at church. But for once, I’d love to hear from you so I can know your name and thank you by name.