You want to hear a cool story? I would call it coincidence, except I don’t believe in coincidences.

Last year Jason and I did a Whole 30. We got pregnant on my next cycle and both of us think it likely that the Whole 30 was the final health push to overcome the infertility problems we’d been working to heal naturally for years. As I blogged last year, instead of a real Whole 30 it ended up being a Whole 27 because I could not handle the diet any more (if only I’d known that gestational diabetes was on the horizon). During the Whole 30 I used a handmade calendar to keep track of the days and then circled 27 in red when we finished.

Whole27 edited

I kept that calendar up out of, well, laziness really. I thought about other things to put there several times, but never switched it out.

Fast forward 9 months and what do you know is Elijah’s birthday? March 27th.

Of all the dates I scanned in the calendar for months, wondering which would be that special day, it was the 27th, the number I saw circled on my wall every day.

Now isn’t that just the coolest? God could not bestow little gifts of “coincidence” like that on a more grateful recipient.