On New Years Day we got iPhones. I was more than a little excited.

We’d actually been discussing it for months, and then for months more we were just waiting for my contract with our old provider to expire so we could switch to a more affordable wireless provider. I know around the world most people don’t have iPhones, but in our city we were very much in the minority to not have a smart phone, let alone an iPhone. When I got a Mac Airbook last summer it cemented for me how much an iPhone could make our life easier.




Google in the palm of your hand.

A nice camera.

Apps like Evernote that sync with my computer.


Well, maybe not Scrabble, but it sure is fun.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.19.01 AM

But my favorite thing about my iPhone by far is Instagram. I knew I’d love it and I was right. I love being able to document our life in pictures like that. I use all social media first and foremost for myself. It’s a way to document so that when I don’t remember I can go back through and be reminded. Instagram is no different. Even though it’s only been two weeks, I enjoy looking back at the photos and reliving memories.

So come find me on Instagram!