April sounds a long way off, but when you think that it’s about 90 days, I will be increasing in girth, discomfort, and fatigue, and I also have to move 2 months after the baby is born, it suddenly looms like a monster.

To help me out, I’ve made a list of projects to complete and I am regularly, daily, working on them so that I can be ready. Thankfully my nesting energy has been intense which is very helpful. The projects I’m currently working or planning on:

kid zone

  • Weed out toys. How has one child collected this much stuff?!?  We went through and got rid of some things last summer and nobody would be able to tell from the looks of things now. Family and friends have been generous with gifts, but there’s no way we can have this many toys and continue to live in small spaces as is our goal. It’s time to make some tough decisions and get rid of more things.
  • Create a “kid zone” in the Living Room. The toys and books Nathan has in the living room are currently housed on two shelves on either side of the TV. I plan to move the ones from one shelf to be on the bottom of the shelf across the room. This will create a “kid zone” at the end of the room by the windows. My hope is that this will keep the toys from filtering into the hallway as readily. It will also make a ready made space for us to do our “schoolwork” which I think will help us.
  • Organize our photos. I got them all moved from the old computer to the new one in December. Now I’m slowly working on organizing the files. Next I need to weed through and delete the bad ones since the digital format leads to many duds that I just save to the computer anyways. Finally, I hope to create digital photobooks that could be ready to print when a good photobook deal comes up. The goal is that it will be easy to assimilate the 5,437, 906 photos I know we’ll be taking of Elijah into our current files. I also hope to get photobooks, and possibly some prints, printed so we can have photos available in our home. We currently have almost no photos displayed.
  • Clean out “The Madame Blueberry Closet of Shame”. When Nathan’s room housed my desk and calligraphy “studio” the closet was my art supply closet. It also became a storage area for long-term storage items that need climate control (my American Girl doll and old college papers). From there, well, I don’t know what happened. One day I looked in there and the stuff had grown and multiplied and was threatening to kill anyone who opened the door. Jason and I spent some time recently cleaning out part of it, but there’s a lot more to go. I hope to switch Nathan’s clothing in there, even though it will be for just a few months. Before we were told we’d have to move I planned to keep the other half for art supplies, but now I’ll probably just use it to store boxes as I begin to pack.
  • Clean the oven. It will have to happen again right before we move, but it needs it now. Desperately.
  • Clean out the pantry. There’s a lot of stuff in there I never touch. Time to let it go.
  • Clean out the fridge. It desperately needs a deep clean.
  • Pack up the clothes that don’t fit Nathan and save them for Elijah.
  • Organize our recipes. My goal is to have two different systems. One will be the main recipes we eat, handwritten, and preferably stored in an old-fashioned recipe box. I also would like a “database” of some sort of all the produce we like along with at least 2 go-to recipes that we can make featuring that item. I’d like to be able to shop the seasonal sales without having to have a firm plan, but knowing that I can make something with it. I know that in the coming months it will be nice to have a more organized system, especially if Jason is having to cook.

There are other little projects, and I’m sure I’ll think of more along the way. Hopefully if I keep steadily working on my days at home I will be better prepared to let the rest of my year be given over to baby love, preschool parenting, and whatever else life brings.