This new year is already promising to be full to the brim with New. By the end of the year I expect our days will in many ways not resemble what our days look like now and that’s a bit daunting if I think about it too much.

This month Nathan and I will be starting a new preschool routine. He’s showing reading readiness so I want to jump on his interest and make sure he has a firm grasp on letters as well as numbers, shapes, colors, etc.  We also have a new therapy clinic to get used to, new stretches, new techniques, new drills, new therapists. We have new skills to learn like using the potty and dressing and undressing.

In April we’ll have a new baby. I’ll be a new mom, in some senses. It will be December 2015 before Elijah gets to the age I’ve already mothered. New to breastfeeding. New personality. New energy in the house. New routines. New emotions. New milestones.

In June we will be getting a new home. It’s not a choice we made willingly, but we’re hopeful it will be a good change. Moving will bring new routines, new chores, a new space to decorate and clean and organize.

That’s a lot of new! And all of that gets us through the first half of the year. Beyond that we’ll see, or actually beyond that I cannot see. That’s enough for me and I’m willing to wait and let the rest of the year unfold. So, needless to say I have made no resolutions for the year. All this is more than enough and will keep me moving forward whether I want to or not.

What’s new in your year?