I wrote an update on Nathan so now I guess it’s Elijah’s turn. 

Did I ever even write a blog post about finding out we’re having a boy? And his name is Elijah Paul? I don’t think I did. 

So, we’re having a boy! And his name is Elijah Paul! He’s due in April sometime. 

Elijah is a name we really like, plus it’s an ancient name and we tend to like names with some serious history. It is also a family name on my side. He may end up going by Eli. We’ll see. I’m OK with picking his name out way in advance, but I won’t commit to what we’ll call him. I mean, who knew I’d end up calling Nathanael “‘Mooch” most of the time? Paul is Jason’s father’s middle name. So now we have a boy named after each grandfather. 

Elijah is doing well. I love knowing his name and feeling him kick and roll and punch. I have such a growing affection for him. He’s getting pretty active. I’ve felt him kicking since Week 16, but now it’s starting to be noticeable at regular intervals, even when I’m out and about. He especially gets active after I eat and seems to love things like peppermint, jalapeños, and fruit. A couple weeks ago I was sitting still and it felt like he balled up and then pushed out with arms and legs as hard as possible. It definitely got my attention! And a couple nights ago he woke me up because he had the hiccups and was obviously nestled up right against my bladder. That will go down as a memorable sensation I won’t soon forget. 

He and I weathered some terrible food poisoning a couple weeks ago. It took several days for me to get my dehydration under control with little man taking his regular portion out of my meager supply. But he was active as usual and seemed just fine. We narrowly, but thankfully, avoided the hospital. I think the fact that we were completely iced in contributed to that. There was more incentive to make do at home. Needless to say, it will probably be awhile before I eat pumpkin pie again. 

We purchased Elijah’s first bed last week, a barely used Mini Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper. I’m very excited about it. It’s the bed I most wanted, but I wasn’t sure full-price was a good use of our limited financial resources. When my mom heard someone was selling one I jumped at the chance. I am a natural “attachment-style” parent, but I don’t know that having baby actually in our bed every night will work since I’m such a terrible sleeper. I barely slept for the 6 weeks Nathan was in our bed. So, hopefully this will provide a good compromise. We ended up registering online at MyRegistry.com instead of going through the big box stores. It goes against my personality to be forced to a) only register at one place and b) have to support such blatant commercialization of a normal life process. I think registries are good and helpful, but seriously. Those stores take it and run way too far. 

I’m generally feeling huge and uncomfortable most of the time. I’m especially struggling with back pain and indigestion, two things I could have predicted would be a problem for me given my history. I know this will get worse and I’m a little anxious about how the next few months will go. I wish I could be the woman who gracefully waltzes through this much-longed-for pregnancy, oozing gratitude and peace and motherly love. But, to be honest, pregnancy has been very hard on my body. There are some wonderful parts, but it’s not all roses. 

We started our Bradley classes last week and so far are really enjoying it. Any process that requires regular massage and relaxation practice is going to be a winner in my book. I’ve long known I wanted to use the Bradley method for birth. While it’s what my mom did, that’s not why I chose it. I researched it and found that it best suited my own personality and the way that I handle pain, discomfort, and stress. I think it’s also a fit for our marriage. We are good partners and Jason is my best friend; I wanted him to be equipped and empowered to help me in labor. It’s a nice bonus that it is what our midwives highly recommend. We are going to the same instructor my parents went to. I think I gave her quite the shock when I told her I’d been one of her Bradley babies. It’s one thing to know you’ve been teaching for 30 something years, but quite another to have a 31 year old pregnant woman come in and say she “met” you years ago as an unborn baby. 

Coming up in the next few weeks we will have more midwife appointments, our glucose challenge test next week, and a follow-up sonogram in late January to check my low-lying placenta. I’ve wanted to worry a bit about it, but a few weeks ago a woman came up to me out of the blue in Whole Foods and told me that Jesus was going to bless me and my baby and that he’d be born healthy, strong, and beautiful. It meant so much to me, and I’ve decided to take that prophecy to heart and not worry. Like the line in the Mumford song, “Jesus told me all will be well, so all must be well.” 

I expect January and February will see me busily feathering my nest. I have lots of cleaning and organization projects planned, plus we’ll start to really get some things for Elijah. And Nathan and I will be busy with preschool, therapy, and hopefully potty-training. I expect April will be here before we know it! I can’t wait to see Elijah’s face. And that is of course a massive understatement.