Today, I will be joining Modern Mrs. Darcy in posting a tour of my bookshelves. I’m so excited to have a reason to talk about my bookshelves. I could chat people’s ears off about them, but to be honest, a lot of people don’t care and I know it. So if you’re interested, here’s your virtual tour. Note: All our windows face north and don’t get direct light so our home is difficult to photograph. I apologize for the quality of the photos. 

Living Room 2 Labeled

First is my favorite bookshelf. This one houses most of our Fiction collection and also my Women’s Biographies. The Fiction is alphabetized-ish by author. Obviously I stack things different ways, but you could look by last name and find it pretty near where you think it should be. Tolkien is up top and so is Herriot. Most of it is Classic Fiction, but there’s a few exceptions. My collection of Women’s Biographies is ever-growing and no longer fits. I realized the main photo had the “overflow” books in front so I took a second photo later of the main shelf behind.

Fiction zoomed in

Here’s a closeup of the Fiction.

Biography collage

And a closeup of biographies with and without the overflow.

Book Baskets Labeled

The Fiction/Biography shelf has a mirror bookshelf on the other side of the TV that mostly houses our movies, but below the movies are some Bibles and Nathan’s books in baskets. I need a third basket for his library books.

Living Room 1 Labeled

On the opposite wall is our bookshelf of miscellaneous Nonfiction. This is my rocking chair and I spend a lot of time here so the shelves are more or less always housing a drink, lotion, etc. etc. Here’s what you see: 1) Psychology and Counseling (Jason has an MA in Counseling), 2) Parenting books and stacked mid-shelf are some calligraphy books, 3) Miscellaneous non-fiction, including some Christian, some non-women’s biographies, books on writing, etc. 4) overflow Biographies and History (my BA is in History), but you can’t see because of the stack of books in front which are mostly things I’m reading currently – books on pregnancy and preschool, 5) Reference – I am a reference librarian after all…

Nonfiction zoomed in

Here’s a closeup of shelf 2 and 3.

Hallway Labeled

On the wall of the hall are floating shelves that house 4 of our favorite authors – Jane Austen and L.M. Montgomery for me and James Fennimore Cooper and C.S. Forester for Jason. I have many more Montgomery novels, but these are the Anne and Emily books. The rest are in a box right now waiting for more/better shelving.

Dining Room Labeled

In the Dining room we have two shelves. One is for housekeeping, art supplies, etc. and then this one. Here you have: 1) home organization, 2) Cookbooks 3) miscellaneous Art, Homemaking, Decorating, Sewing, books, 4) Victoria Magazines past and present – my favorite magazine 5) random books, some from a trip to Europe and some that used to be on my desk.

cookbooks zoomed

Here’s a zoomed in look at the top two shelves.

We have more books than this. There are a couple shelves of children’s books that are above his age level in Nathan’s room. Jason and I both have a stack of books on our bedside tables and I have some pregnancy books in my room for reference. There are books in the bathrooms and my Montgomery books and other girlhood favorites are in a box waiting for better shelving. But what you see is the bulk of it.

So, see anything you recognize? Anything you love too? Any questions? I love to talk about my books!