It had been a short night. Exercise had left me more tired, not energized and I really just wanted to curl up with a heating pad. But, as we walked to our door, the sun peeked out for the first time in a couple days and turned the courtyard into liquid gold as it lit up the leaves that had fallen during the rainstorm. Without hesitation I asked Nathan if he wanted to head back there and look at the leaves. He grinned his answer.

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It’s so simple really. Take what nature gives you, explain it simply to a child, and oila! Science class!! We explored all around the courtyard, looking at big leaves and little, brown leaves and gold, and even touching a temporary rain puddle just to see how it feels.

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We grabbed our Nature box to collect some worthy specimens.

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It was about 15 minutes which is all you really need when your not quite 3.

But it was perfect.