This past weekend, Jason and I headed to Fort Worth for our first getaway sans child. While Nathan made the initial parting difficult with epic wailing and gnashing of teeth, we all ended up having a great time – he with Nonnie, PopPop, his aunts and cousin, and us with just ourselves. It was wonderful! It’s nice to realize that after 7 years of marriage we still really like each other and prefer and enjoy each other’s company over anyone else. We’re really good together.

Jason actually made all the plans for this trip and I love him all the more for that. He found the B&B, the tickets to the show, and actively helped me find restaurants I could eat at. No easy task!

So without further ado, here’s a roundup of our weekend.

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Jason found a B&B called the Rosen House Inn which is in the historic Fairmount neighborhood – a once prosperous community that had decades of hard times, but is now being restored. We were not well informed about the area, but we absolutely loved it. It was a few blocks away from Magnolia which is comparable to Lower Greenville or the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. There were lots of local restaurants and the area was vibrant with college students from nearby TCU.

yucatan taco stand

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For dinner Friday, we ended up a few blocks from the B&B at Yucatan Taco Stand which was super yummy. We got a great spot on the patio and people watched until I was falling asleep in my chair.

amon carter

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One of our favorite spots to visit in Fort Worth is the Amon Carter Museum so we headed there on Saturday morning. I admit we’re drawn by the free entry which used to be a novelty amongst DFW museums. We had a good time, although this visit was made a little bizarre by the overzealous security guards. They were watching people like hawks and were not pleasant at all. Jason had the gall to point to something in a painting and got yelled at to “stay 12 inches away!” even though he was standing a good 2 feet from the painting. Yikes!

After a day at the museum, we always like to have lunch at Blue Mesa on University and then browse the shops. Blue Mesa has great gluten-free options and I love the unusual flavors. As a treat, and because lately I’m too hungry to wait for the entree –  we got the flight of quesos – yum!

I tried to nap in the afternoon, but my body didn’t cooperate so we got up and headed to Avoca for what turned out to be a fabulous Iced Chai. It was heavy on the cardamom and tasted a lot more like authentic chai than the stuff you get at Starbucks. The atmosphere at Avoca left a bit to be desired though so we didn’t linger. Instead we headed back to the Rosen House to change and head into downtown Fort Worth for dinner and our show.


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I like to use to find new restaurants and that’s how I found Taverna by Lombardi. They have a sizable gluten free menu that actually shows some effort instead of just featuring things that naturally don’t have gluten, or just fill-in-the-blank gluten free pasta. We ended up getting a table by a window on the corner of Throckmorton and 4th which was super fun. The people watching was fantastic, but the food was even better. I’m going to dream about that creamy pasta for a long time. Also, as we stood up to leave, an elegant elderly woman sitting near us commented to her friend about what a lovely dress I had on. I love a good complement as much as the next girl!

bass hall

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We braved the rainy streets to transfer our car to the Bass Hall parking garage and then we headed in for the big event of the weekend – Singing in the Rain at the Bass Performance Hall. Jason had never seen the movie so he didn’t know what a treat he was in for. I have seen the movie dozens of times, but even I was surprised by how marvelous it was. The orchestra played the entire soundtrack along to the movie and it was a pleasure to laugh along with hundreds of people at the timeless comedy of this classic movie.

By the end of the day Saturday we were both thoroughly relaxed. It was nice to have a few hours free to do as we wished in a city we love. Being able to sit when we wanted to sit, walk when we wanted to walk, eat when we wanted to walk, and sleep when we wanted to sleep felt like such a luxury.

Sunday morning we were almost ready to see Nathan, but we took the last few hours to fit in a couple more fun things. We headed over to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden which I love for being free, beautiful, and kid-friendly. I don’t think Dallas has anything equivalent. We walked for a long time on paths through the trees and enjoyed being out in nature.

company cafe

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As we started to get hungry, Jason suggested that we head back to Dallas to the Company Cafe so I could have one more fabulous gluten-free meal. Company Cafe does gluten-free better than any other restaurant in the area. Instead of being the side menu, gluten-free options populate most of the menu – gluten free mac and cheese, gluten free chicken fried steak, you name it and all so delicious! I ended up getting french toast sticks and the munster mac because I couldn’t decide between them. I liked their new location better than the old one. It is now directly across from the Trader Joes on Lower Greenville which we ran through quickly before heading home.

By the time we picked up Nathan we were ready to resume parenting duties and ‘mooch him on the face over and over. He seemed pretty happy to be home too.