This past weekend we took Nathan to a local pumpkin patch. I purposely looked for one with a animals to pet and ride because I thought he would enjoy it. I underestimated how much fun he would have. He is fearless and particularly loves animals. Of course, if you ask him what he got to ride at the pumpkin patch, he will respond with a “moooo”. I guess we still need to work on differentiating between cows and ponies. Granted, most of them were black and white…

I took the opportunity of a pretty backdrop to document my pregnancy with a photograph for the first time. I won’t be the girl posing for weekly pictures, but I do want to make sure I keep track of this season of life with photographs so I can look back, remember, and show this child their full history. Of course, in motherhood there is never a break, even for photographs.

Here is the cropped and ideal photo of the bump.

Baby Bump Ideal

Now, here is the un-cropped reality.

Baby Bump Reality

Yes, I was being yelled at the entire time because obviously those pumpkins needed to be discussed. Such is life.