This blog, this blog, this poor neglected blog. It turns out that seven weeks of puking and nausea have a way of taking over all capacity for thought, especially when combined with toddler wrangling and work. I guess baby-growing is a pretty energy consuming process after all. It certainly consumed all of my energy.

But, I’m so ready to write. More than ready. I have  ideas swirling in my head and I need an outlet for them. So, get ready for regular posts again – maybe not five a week, but hopefully regular posts. 

I want to write about this pregnancy experience, the books I’ve been reading, the Netflix shows I’ve been watching (their name is Legion). I want to explore my thoughts on pregnancy after adoption and motherhood in the church. I’ve got a lot rumbling around in this brain.

So hello second trimester. Thanks for the energy boost. And hello blog readers. I’ll be back for real very soon.