On August 5, 2013 I decided to jot down everything we did during the day for a post I planned to title An Ordinary Day in Our Life. Little did I know that this day would be far from typical. It turned out to be one extraordinary day. Hint: Read to the end. 

5:00 ish…Wake up and lay in bed thinking about the day, the week, and life in general. FYI: I do not always wake up this early without an alarm clock.

5:30 Alarm goes off. Lights on. Roll out of bed after eyes adjust. Go get computer, coffee and set up in office for morning routine. Register for Hello Mornings Group. Do Bible Study.

6:00 Decide to skip morning strength training because of recent shoulder injury and generally not feeling well. Begin planning day. Post newest blog post to Facebook. Do long overdue overhaul of Google calendar to reflect changes made to our schedule (months ago) so it will stop telling us to do things that we don’t need to do. Start notes in Evernote for articles due this Friday (eek!) for Shattered Winter Issue.

6:26 Hear first squeak from Nathan. False Alarm. Keep planning blog content and jotting down thoughts.

6:49 More noise on the baby monitor. Toddler wake-up is imminent. Get dressed, wash face, etc. as it takes 100% less time without a toddler hanging around.

Day in the Life 2

7:00 Hmmm. Silence from toddler’s room. Do I try to make breakfast and risk having to quit midway or do I fill in with something else…decide to start crock-pot beans and make my usual three-egg breakfast.

7:20 Nathan officially wakes up while I’m mid-bite. Finish eggs and get baby boy up. Snuggles. Bottle. Potty. Dress. Breakfast for Nathan. Whew.

Day in the Life 1

7:50 Babysitter knocks on the door. Manage a little separation anxiety with promises of books and movies.

8:03  Out of the house in record time which is good because I have an extra tight schedule today.

8:22 At the coffee shop. Decaf Earl Grey steeping. Computer open. Ready to start work.

11:35 Rush home and get ready for Nathan’s yearly assessment for Early Childhood Interventions. 2 of his Therapists and his Case Manager will be here. Gulp down leftover Chipotle because I’m starving.

12:05 Run to bathroom because nobody has knocked yet. As soon as I’m incapacitated I hear a knock on the door. Awesome.

1:20 They’re all gone. Nathan’s asleep. Now I’m exhausted. Wait for them to clear the parking lot and then run out to get babysitter and I each a soda.

2:15 Too tired to work. Lay down and take a nap. I figure I can meet the deadline better if I’m awake while working.

3:10 Wake to Nathan crying. That pre-nap meeting left him a little overwhelmed and it’s spilling into the afternoon. Get him settled and happy again with a popsicle. 

Day in the Life 3

3:47 Babysitter leaves. Turn on movie for Nathan to buy more work minutes.

4:35 Jason calls and is on his way home. Begin to defrost meat for taco bowls

5:40 Jason gets home. Spend some family time lounging on ground and playing.

5:57 Dinner time. Taco bowls.

Day in the Life 4

6:21 Coax Nathan to bath. He’s having a Mama moment and wants me to hold him forever and all time amen.

6:50 Time for bottle with my clean, lotioned, pajamaed boy. I love this sweet time of the day.

7:00 Feet up, water bottle, book, relax.

Day in the Life 5

Oh wait…one last thing.

8:12 Go take a pregnancy test…

Day in the life 6

Yep….that’s right. This was the shock of our lives. We’re pregnant!

Baby Hithersay is due March 31, 2014 and we are over the moon with excitement.

And that’s it for our (extra)ordinary day.