Here’s a bit of fiction for this Twitterature roundup.

The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

I have a love of early twentieth century literature which includes a wide variety of authors including Hemingway. I enjoyed this novel, although I prefer A Farewell to Arms.

Crossing to Safety

Crossing to Safety, Wallace Stegner

After MMD recommended this to those who love Wendell Berry (raising my hand) I knew I had to try it. It’s a fabulous novel. To me the tie between the two authors is their genius for creating characters who are unmistakably flawed and yet wholly likable and sympathetic.



Middlemarch, George Eliot

There are classics and then there are gems of literature. Middlemarch is one of the latter. I read a lot of great literature and this one stands above most. The way she explores the marriage relationship is beautiful and her deft interweaving of so many storylines never feels contrived or forced. It was a pleasure to read this one.

Anne's House of Dreams

Anne’s House of Dreams, L.M. Montgomery

This is my upteenth re-read of my battered copy of this novel. It may be sacrilege, but Anne’s relationship with Diana Barry always leaves me wanting something. In her college years she came much closer to true friendship. But it’s in Anne’s House of Dreams that I feel she finds a true and lasting kindred spirit in Leslie Moore. Plus, the other characters, the descriptions of landscape and seasons, and the heartbreak and joy of motherhood all round out this very adult continuation of Anne’s story.

Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet, C.S. Lewis

Just as I love the Narnia books and Lord of the Rings, even though I’m not generally a fantasy fan, I loved Out of the Silent Planet despite not being a sci-fi aficionado. In the end you should read it because it’s by C.S. Lewis and has the golden threads of his philosophical genius threaded all through it.