early bird

This is a strange thing in my life as a mom – I wake up early because I’m not a morning person.

I never thought in my previous existence before becoming a mom that waking up early was ever in my future. I’ve been a night owl as long as I can remember. I thrive after the sun goes down. It’s when I think my great thoughts. In the morning I’m the sort of person who has so few words I’m practically mute. I can think OK in the morning, but I cannot connect with other people or communicate well.

But, the problem is, my son is not a night owl. He’s an early bird. An early bird who wakes up grinning and wants to share all the things he thought last night and talk about them. Getting up early and having to hit the ground running leaves me much too tired late at night to think my great thoughts.

I also need ample alone time in order to feel sane and grounded. The only time of day I can consistently get alone time is early in the morning. It took about a year for me to come to the conclusion that getting up early was the best solution, but I now strive to wake up at least an hour before Nathan’s usual waking point.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. I can have some quiet time, do a little exercise, plan, work, read. The luxury of being alone is well worth having to roll out of that bed I so dearly love to lounge around on.

To help me, I’ve joined the Hello Mornings Challenge. I’m curious to see how some accountability will help me not only be consistent in getting up, but also with productively filling my early morning hours.

So are you a night owl like me? Or an early bird? Or a reformed night owl? When do you think your great thoughts? When do you consistently get time alone?