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Today I’ll be linking up with Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky to share Things I Learned in July.

  • Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy was a student of Susan Wise Bauer. What? I geeked out on that for a bit. I would have loved to be a student of hers. Is it odd that I stressed about that last sentence because I’m not sure it’s grammatically correct and Susan would know? Susan would definitely know. But I’m not a grammar geek, just a weird homeschooling geek.
  • Have you heard about The Everygirl. I did not know about this site until Kelly mentioned it. It had me at the design and color scheme. But I think the content is pretty cool too. It will be one to explore when I need to fill in some downtime.
  • I learned about Pocket from Kat’s blog about blogging. And I’m in love! It’s especially helpful because our internet is terrible and struggles to allow more than one computer or device to access the wifi so I can download a bunch of articles and then read them later while watching Netflix.
  • You can make super yummy tartar sauce with equal parts nice mayo (I favor Dukes) and chow-chow. So good. It’s the perfect dip for fish cakes in Dinner a Love Story. Also, everything in Dinner a Love Story is Great. Buy the book!
  • It turns out grains were not my main diet problem. I can eat legumes just fine. Yes, I could be thinner if I never ate sugar and exercised a lot more, but, no thanks. The real kicker, deal breaker, problem causer? Besides gluten? Dairy. This makes me so sad. Gluten is still the number one, swell me up to 7 months pregnant and make me ache like an 83 year old arthritic culprit. But dairy is right up in there, making me feel yucky if I eat too much.
  • The brain is super interesting. I am reading not one, not two, not three, but FOUR books about the brain and I’m learning so much. In my defense they are on various aspects of the brain. And also I’m a bit manic about reading this year. It’s just this season of life I guess. Maybe one of these books can explain to me why my brain is like this (actually Simplicity Parenting kind of does).

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So tell me, what did you learn in July?