Royal Roundup: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Take Their Son Home

I cannot do a weekly round-up without mentioning how happy I was that William and Catherine had their baby George. Kate looked lovely and was so brave to face all those photographers with her precious baby at such an emotional and personal time. I thought I saw some winked back tears and I can’t imagine how she came out, and even spoke to the press, with such grace.

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Quit Pointing Your Avocado at Me

What we seek we will find and if we’re looking for a world full of judgmental mamas — we’ll find it. Parenting is the most important thing to many of us and so it’s also the place we’re most vulnerable. We’re all a little afraid we’re doing it wrong. But even when we’re scared — we can still choose. We can choose to see each other as competition or as fellow warriors — fighting the same fight on the same team. One goal — many paths. We can learn from each other. We can even ENJOY each other.

Queen Elizabeth: “Thank Goodness He Hasn’t Ears Like His Father”

I may need to breastfeed while you are here. If this offends you or makes you uncomfortable, I keep some blankets close by for you to put over your head.

Mother Like a Firefighter

Did you know much of a firefighters life is quite boring? They spend their days doing boring maintenance and following a boring routine. They do the exact same thing every time they run through their checklists.

They wear the exact same uniform, drive the exact same vehicle, work from the exact same building.

They are extremely routine and scheduled.


But they become heroes in a split second.

They have chosen to surrender certain small freedoms and choices so that they can be free and available to those in need WHEN THEY need.

Twaddle Free Books for Young Children

Twaddle:Dumbed-down literature; absence of meaning.

Homeschooling or not, I believe children (and adults, really) should invest their time in living books, and not waste time on twaddle.  And quite frankly, there’s a lot of twaddle out there in the world of children’s literature.

Note: I would add the Virginia Lee Burton books.

Lessons in Motherhood

You are the best mom for your child.

What Makes You Put Down a Book

Question: Why do so many people always finish a book?!? Life’s too short to read a bad book!

Also, I have only read one of these books – The Lord of the Rings. I did not abandon it, although I abandoned The Hobbit several times before finishing it and now have no idea what took me so long.

Did you read anything fascinating this week (besides royal baby coverage)?