Almost all of my birthday presents this year were books. People apparently know me well. I’m excited to read each of them and they each represent different aspects of my reading interests. So without delaying anymore, here are the new books in my collection.

Counting One’s Blessings: The Selected Letter of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. My friend Kimberly bought me this in January and saved it all this time hoping she wouldn’t hear of me buying it for myself. I am obsessed with all things royalty. I know more than anyone you know about the British (and related) royal families going back for centuries. In fact I want to get my PhD in history and study how the royal family relationships led to World War I. Are you bored yet? I’m not. I love it! And I’m excited to read these letters!!

birthday books

The Jane Austen Handbook. Sigh. My sister and I share a keen interest in all things Jane. I even threw her a Jane Austen theme dinner party for her birthday this year. I had not seen this book yet. It reminds me of What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens knew which I’ve had for years, except it’s all geared to Jane’s world. The first page I opened to, at random, detailed a lady’s typical schedule. It allotted 1 hour in the afternoon to either playing with her child or reading a book. Oh my.

A History of Food in 100 Recipes. I assume my mother heard about this on NPR. She has been a long-time listener which means I’ve been a long-time listener and now we frequently hear interviews and discuss them. While not a typical cookbook, it certainly has some yummy looking recipes. And I’m sure it’s full of the intriguing bits of information I love to store in my brain.

Honorable mention:

For Jason’s birthday he received Cronkite’s War which is the letters between Walter Cronkite and his wife from World War II. I assume I will be reading that one as well as I cannot keep away from anything related to WWII.

Have you bought or received any new books lately? Do tell!