Book stackI’m sure I’m not the only one with a “stack”. You know, the books you’re in the middle of that are scattered throughout your house and up on top of your bedside table. I have it on good authority that most readers have this stack. Some are ashamed of it, but not I. I love seeing a big stack of books. I love reading more than book at a time. I love my stack!

Currently I have several books going. Not all will make it to my finished list (I’m also a shameless book-quitter) so I thought I’d list them out here along with my initial thoughts.

First, I’m reading Queen Lucia by E.F. Benson. My verdict? Hilarious. It falls well within my favorite genre of fiction: Early 20th century british. I kept laughing about it and finally made my husband listen to my re-telling of a main plot point. He laughed. That’s a really good sign that it is truly funny because re-tellings rarely are.

Next up, CataloocheeI’ve barely started this one. I saw it on the shelf in a bookstore in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and wanted to buy it then and there. I exercised discipline and checked the library before we came home and reserved it. It’s not my typical read, but it’s set in a part of the park so there’s a chance I’ll like it. One of the reviews I read said it was more a character study than a narrative. They meant that negatively, but I took it as a good sign I’d enjoy it.

I’m slowly making my way through The Brain That Changes Itself. It’s not boring, but it’s also not night-reading which is what I have the most time for these days. I like reading the stories about brain plasticity. When your child has brain damage these types of stories can be so encouraging. I don’t know if I’ll finish this one, or just skim it, or skim it enough I consider it finished. We’ll see.

I’ve been working on Blood Sisters for months now. It came as a random gift from a friend who is an Indie Bookseller in Seattle. She knows my taste and had a free copy of this book and mailed it to me. I enjoyed it, but haven’t had as much time for biographies in my brain space as I did last year. I plan to pick it back up and finish it for this years 52.

Another one I’ve been reading for a long time is Middlemarch. I’m enjoying it a lot so I’m not sure why I keep putting it down to read other things. I expected it to take awhile, but not this long. My reading has been a bit ADD this year and I’m not in a position to change that right now.

And finally, Our Southern Highlanders has been sitting around. It’s interesting, but not gripping. While on vacation we watched Ken Burns’ National Parks and this author was mentioned a lot. He also kept popping up on the signs and in booklets throughout the park. I found this old copy of his book at the Library. I may or may not finish it.

New to the stack as of yesterday:

The Whole-Brain Child and Simplicity Parenting. I’ve heard great things about both so I’ll post more when I’ve gotten a chance to dig in.