Toddle rhymes with dawdle.

Toddler rhymes with dawdler.

Enough said.

Toddle watermarked

Or maybe not “enough said” because I feel like I have more to say about this. A lot more.

Why is my child still standing back there? Why will he not walk forward? Why is walking to the side, in circles, is he backing up?!? Oh I don’t know. Maybe he’s looking down at his shadow. Maybe he’s looking at the rocks. Maybe he’s looking up into his hat brim. Maybe he’s listening to the sound of his eyes moving. Maybe he’s staring into space and nobody can tell what the hell he’s doing.

It takes Nathan approximately 10 minutes to walk the 30-40 feet (I’m not good with distances) to our car. I am not exaggerating. Well maybe a little. But it’s usually at least 5.

If I do not encourage him verbally (“Nathan, come here. Nathan, keep walking. Nathan come, 1…2…3…”) he will stand there indefinitely. Sometimes I look back and he’s just standing a few feet behind with his head cocked to the side apparently doing nothing.

Recently, I was urging him on to the car. We were running late to a party and I’d already had to tell (read: yell at) him not to walk under the stairs where one of my neighbors graciously smashed a glass bottle that has never been cleaned up. He loves being told no as much as the next two-yearl-old and epic dawdling ensued. My “gentle” verbal encouragement to “Come. Right. Now.” sent him into a fit and he refused to keep walking. I had to turn back, grab his arms and force him to keep moving while he wailed and thrashed and threatened to go limp noodle. We were on our way to a swim party so my arms were filled with bags and towels and gifts and so on. I was having a great time. I managed to move him a few feet closer to the car, down off the curb and part of the way across the parking lot when he finally decided to just sit down. In the middle of the parking lot road. I had to swoop down and scoop him up in one arm like a sack of potatoes and carry him kicking and screaming to the car. Awesome.

Does your toddler dawdle? Does it drive you crazy? Tell me your stories!