I wear several “hats” during the week. Depending on when you peek into our life I may look like a house-cleaning-cooking casual Mom, a put-together-working Mom, or a teaching-therapy Mom.

Therapy Kazoo

Nathan learning to blow on his therapy kazoo.

 I usually describe myself to others as a stay-at-home Mom. By that I mean that my “career” is caring for Nathan and that is my number one job. It’s been my choice to take that on and I love it. I do about 95% of the care-taking as Jason is gone from about 6 am to 5:30 or 6 pm, and longer on days when he has clients after work. I’m able to fit in the housekeeping and cooking during these hours with my trusty toddler helper by my side.

I also work part-time. My goal is to do 20 hours of work and to try to fit in about 40 hours of work into those 20 hours. I don’t always quite manage the full amount, but whatever hours I manage to put in, I do cram full with intense, concentrated work. I work with my brother and Dad so the hours are flexible, but I do put aside specific time each week so 1) I can be sure I fit it in and 2) Nathan can have some consistency. I played around with his childcare for this work time the past year. What I found to work best is to have a babysitter come to our house for a full day, one day a week. Nathan does best when he stays in his routine and we were having trouble with night terrors and general dis-regulation when he was spending a day or two away from our home each week. My philosophy is that home is best, especially for the toddler/preschooler age.  I also have a second regular work day each week that varies in length depending on the week. Two weeks a month he spends a half day with my mom and his cousin on a playdate then comes home and naps so I work those hours, and on the other weeks Jason has a day off in the middle of the week and he is the primary care-giver those days so I can work. Other than that, my work gets shoved into nap times, early mornings, and late at night.

And finally, I am a therapy/homeschooling mom. Nathan has three therapies: Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy. The therapists come here to our house so we have 2-3 appointments each week which I schedule to be on one of my three non-work weekdays. Each therapy comes with its set of “homework” for me and Nathan. We do gross motor tasks, fine motor tasks, and speech tasks constantly throughout the week. Trying to get a toddler to do uncomfortable, body and mind-stretching exercises is a not easy and I spend a lot of brain time coming up with ways to sneak it in or make it seem really fun. Some weeks we are extra busy when we have a doctor’s appointment or two. We do some basic preschool work with him. I use June Oberlander’s Slow and Steady Get Me Ready and mix and match activities that will work with his delays and suit his personality. Each week we pick a letter and number from his alphabet and number posters that hang on his wall. We will talk about them during the week and find things that begin with that letter or have that number of items.

In my “free” time I write, blog, read, watch movies, and hang out with Jason. All of those activities are usually in the early morning or after Nathan goes to bed, although I do try to take a couple nap times each week to just relax.

I wish we could do more playdates or that I could get involved in a Bible Study, but I have yet to find a way to fit it around his therapies which take schedule priority.

So that’s how I fit it all in each week. Rinse. Repeat.