I’ve had a recent spate of productivity. As always there is more than one contributing reason, but it’s impossible not to attribute it to one major change in my life.

I now have an office.

In my closet.

No lie.

My Office edited

That’s right. I now do most of my work tucked away between the scarves and shirts.

Jason and I have talked for awhile about my need for workspace at home to corral my work items: calendars, notebooks, computer, books, etc. I wanted to use it for my day-job, writing, and managing Nathan’s care and our home. I needed a “hat stand”, if you will, for my various hats to rest, but not be forgotten.

We had the desk, an antique I received from my parents on my eleventh birthday, but it was in the dining room and that area is not conducive to concentrated work hours. I needed a space where I could be alone, solitude being the siren call of the introvert.

We discussed buying a flip-down table form IKEA, trying to fit the antique desk in our room, and various other configurations to make it happen.

What we finally did was a big furniture shuffle along with getting rid of some pieces that were no longer serving us well. We bought a dresser for us to share that would fit in our room and then got rid of our two dressers we’d had for years. Mine was so bad we just took it to the dumpster because I didn’t feel right about donating such a broke-down piece of MDF.

My office top

My Office middle

My Office bottom

The new space in the closet fits my old desk perfectly. I loooooooove sitting in there. I get up early (also a new habit) and do my Bible study, workout, planning, writing, etc. all at that little desk. I will slowly decorate more as I get used to the space. For now I have my Authenticity Banner and a business card from Tastes Orangey that came with my birthday present last year.

It’s perfect.