These are the days. 

That’s my motto for this season.

These are the days…my son will be two.

I don’t want to get caught up in the daily grind and miss my son’s second year. These are the only days he’ll be two, two and a half, two and three quarters, and gone.

These are the days…of summer. 

I’ll never celebrate this summer again. This first Forever Family Day, this 31st birthday, Jason’s 32nd birthday. We’ll never be quite the same family again in this routine, this place. I want to celebrate being home for the night by 5:00 most days, long evenings with Jason, the time alone while Jason works, early mornings, hot weather. Summer comes back every year, but it never comes back quite the same.

These are the days…for learning how to talk, how to walk, how to play.

These are the only days filled with these particular tasks. Soon Nathan will know how to walk up stairs, and down. Soon he’ll be able to say Daddy and eat and go like a champ. Soon he’ll be dressing himself without asking for help.

These are the days…for hearing Mamamamamamamamamama. Over and Over.

I longed to be called that name for years and I don’t want to cringe so much when I hear it in abundance and in a less than lovely tone of voice. I want to rejoice that I have a boy who calls me Mama and wants my attention. I want to wear that name with honor as one of the brave ones.

These are the days…for morning and evening bottle time.

These are the days he still needs the nurture of being nourished by his Mama. Don’t rush it. He deserves every minute of Mama time he missed out on in the early days.

These are the days…for snuggling a boy who still fits in my arms. Mostly. 

Those legs are growing longer every day. They already hang over the arm of the rocking chair. I want to treasure the weight, the warmth, and the steady gaze inches from my face.

These are the days…for being able to carry him when he doesn’t want to walk.

Soon he’ll want to walk all the time. And he’ll be too big for me to carry. I want to say yes when I can.

These are the days…I am famous in his life. 

He won’t always light up and laugh when I walk in the room, follow me around just to be with me, and ask for me when I leave. Treasure his adoration and don’t take it for granted.

These are the days…for building our life.

Life doesn’t start somewhere down the road when we finally feel like we can catch our breath. Life was yesterday. It’s today. It’s now. This is Nathan’s childhood, the memories and worldview we are shaping for him that will continue on and on. I want to grab it and run with it, not let it slip away.