Today we started the Whole 30. True to their predictions we feel awesome and excited. Tomorrow we’ll see. They say the shit hits the fan beginning day 2.

If you don’t know already, the Whole 30 is a strict form of the Paleo diet aimed at resetting your hormones and giving your body the chance to heal from any foods you were eating that were causing health problems so that as you reintroduce them you have a better idea what foods are nutritious for you as an individual and which are not.

It makes a lot of sense to me. There is no one diet that fits everyone (diet = what you eat, not a restrictive calorie-reducing way to lose weight). I’ve known for almost seven years that gluten is something my body doesn’t tolerate, but I know there’s more. I’ve been on a slow, steady decline over the past few years. I need too much sugar, caffeine and quick energy to get through the day and still I’m tired, cranky, anxious, and gradually gaining weight. The past year of Mommyhood has intensified this and I feel like what was a gentle rollercoaster of energy is now a constant going up or crashing down. Coffee, coffee, quick meal, coffee, snack, quick meal, soda, snack, snack, quick meal, whiskey and soda, dessert. Repeat every day. The meals are generally healthy, the snacks aren’t terrible. I still don’t eat gluten. I’m not eating Big Macs and french fries. But it’s not enough. Or it’s too much. Or something. Whatever it is, I need a change.

For my own sake and remembrance I think I’m going to keep a log of what we ate and how I feel on a separate Whole 30 page so that I can chart what happens.