A few months ago I saw a posting on Facebook about a new magazine for women and it grabbed my attention. The mission of this magazine resonated with me, and I love the medium of magazines as an art form. The girl who posted about the magazine studied at Oxford with my brother and he introduced us knowing we were kindred spirits. Though we’ve only met in person once we’ve been friends on Facebook for a few years and I knew that something she was passionate about would probably be a fit for me too.

The magazine was looking for writers and I decided to talk to Jason about me possibly contributing some of my writing. We’d been discussing for months ideas for me to write more. Writing is part of how I take care of myself, but I too often keep my essays in my head and I’m working on the discipline of writing them down, editing and refining them, and then sharing them with others. I thought this magazine might be a way for me to push myself to do this more.

The next day, before I’d even had a chance to mention it to Jason, the girl who’d initially posted about the magazine messaged me asking if I’d consider contributing some articles. I don’t believe in coincidence. It was obvious that my gut feeling was correct – this was a venture I should get involved in.

Shattered Magazine is focused on sharing real stories about real life to real people. The goal is to show how in Christ we have hope, victory, freedom, and a purpose. Authenticity is one of my strongest driving passions and this magazine oozes authenticity.

The first issue of Shattered went on sale this past Wednesday and I encourage anyone interested in reading something encouraging and authentic to check it out.

*This is not a sponsored post, but I am a contributor to Shattered.