Apropos of nothing, I’ve been thinking about the movies Jason and I like to watch. We enjoy film and some TV shows and watching things together has been a part of our relationship from the beginning (we first held hands while watching The Patriot – naturally I don’t remember almost anything about the movie.)

On my own I go for period dramas like The Forsyte Saga or The Young Victoria or melancholy romantic films. On his own he goes for bizarre sci-fi-ish television shows like Fringe or documentaries about monsters.

But despite our differences, we often do agree on what to watch and have a few standard go-to films and shows that we both agree on.


Elizabethtown. Is there a better soundtrack? Is there a better phone conversation?

Return to Me. So witty.


Death at a Funeral. I count this as the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. Ever.

30 Rock. Like everyone else in America.

Arrested Development. Also like everyone else in America.


Casablanca. It’s just so quotable. And Ingrid Bergman. And Humphrey Bogart.

Bringing up Baby. I can do Katherine’s laugh spot-on.

Charade. Sexy repartee at its best.

To Have and Have Not. Sexy repartee at its best. Shoot, I already said that?


Band of Brothers. We’ve seen them all at least 10 times. Not kidding.

Poirot (with David Suchet). Pretty much the only mystery I can handle except for Charade.


Once. We discovered it first. Well, not really, but we did see it in the theater before it was famous.

Adam. If you haven’t seen it, you should.


Phantom of the Opera. We bonded over that while dating.

Les Miserables. Because…duh.


Any Michael Palin documentary. Especially Himalaya.

Any Ken Burns documentary. Especially The War.

Loooooooong movies:

Lord of the Rings. Of course. And now the Hobbit too. I personally have seen the LOTR films upwards of 20 times. Conservatively. The extended versions. And I’ve seen all the background stuff. And I beat my brother in LOTR Trival Pursuit after I gave it to him for Christmas and…never mind.

If we owned them we’d probably watch Star Wars pretty often because we are fans. Why don’t we own them?

What do you like to watch? What do you and your partner agree on in film and television?