My favoritest part of eating seasonal food is the excitement that comes with a change in the seasons. Each transition opens up a world of new foods and recipes. The past weeks have seen a switch from the winter squash, citrus, and swiss chard that dominated our produce choices in recent months. Now I gladly grab a bunch of asparagus, some bright pink radishes, a carton of organic berries, and the first local tomatoes.

In heavy rotation this spring are:

  • asparagus-fontina pizza
  • roasted zucchini
  • berries on yogurt
  • pestos of various ilks – basil, asparagus, spinach

I’m looking forward to affordable organic strawberries, okra (I saw some at Whole Foods today!!), and green peas. And of course my most favorite fruit – cherries!!

What is your favorite Spring produce? What season of produce do you most anticipate?

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.”  – John Muir