Do you use Goodreads? It’s one of my most favorite things right now. I can’t even remember how I heard about it, but it’s really changed how I find books to read. If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, you create an account and then start telling Goodreads what books you’ve read and what you thought about them. After they have enough data, they will start giving you book recommendations. You also have a profile where you can track books you want to read, books you are reading, your reading progress and book reviews. You can also network with other friends and readers. It’s an amazing resource!

I mostly use the book recommendations. I am able to easily see similar books to what I’ve read, mark them as books I want to read and then go back to that list when I’m needing some inspiration for what to read next. I often hop right on over and check to see if the Dallas Public Library has it so I can put in a request.

Recently I told Goodreads that I had read and loved Barbara Pym’s books and Goodreads suggested I try E.M. Delafield’s Diary of a Provincial Lady. That recommendation was spot on. I laughed out loud multiple times, often stifling it because my husband and son were sleeping just feet away. The book is hilarious and exactly the sort of thing I love in fiction: early 20th century, British, and witty. And, bonus, there’s more in the series!