My very favorite (or in colloquial Anna-speak, “most favoritest”) thing about my daytimes with Nathan is getting to sit on the floor and watch him learn as we play. For little ones there is no division between their playing and their learning, and come to think of it, adults could learn a thing or two about life if they realized that. Toddlers enjoy stacking blocks and knocking them over, all the while learning the physics of balancing objects and how they will eventually fall and scatter. They love to dump the puzzle pieces out and find where they go as they learn to pay attention to detail and match colors and shapes. And the reading! Nathan learns so much from reading and looking at illustrations.

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As he plays he also learns about patience and disappointment and frustration. He learns the skill of running into discouragement and not letting it win. Yes. I definitely believe I can learn a lot about the purpose of our everydays from spending mine with my little guy.