I’ve talked about Yoga. I’ve talked about Hiking. Now, I’m moving on to Dance. Sigh.

I started ballet lessons at the tender age of 5. I proceeded to walk almost solely on tip-toes for the next couple years. It was a “you had me at hello” kind of thing. First of all, everything was pink and at five that was a very good reason to love something. Second, the music. The classical music lover in me was emerging around the same time and it was so much fun to move to the music. Third, some of us are just made to love dance and I am one of those people. At 9 or 10 I had to choose between piano or dance and I rightfully chose piano, but I still longingly look over my shoulder at those yesteryears of dance classes wishing I could have become a ballerina.

Here’s some of what dance has given me:

  • A deep(er) connection to music – I actually have quite a strong natural connection innately. I started playing the piano on my own at 4 and started lessons at 5. Dance just gives that musicality some nuance and physicality. As a music lover, there is nothing better than being able to physically move to the music as well as just create it.
  • Balance – I’ll never be considered flexible. And I’m almost never the strongest person in the room. But I do have amazing balance and I know part of this is from early dance training.
  • A way to party – When there is a dance floor at a wedding or party, I will probably be out there getting my groove on. What better way to celebrate, and get a chance to move my body, than to dance the night away. I’ve had a couple very memorable nights of dance celebrating the weddings of friends and family and I think I enjoyed those nights much more than I would have if I’d been the wallflower at the table.
  • Stress relief – Like most girls my age, I was obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy for a few years in the mid-2000s and one of the things I loved most was their penchant for “dancing it out”. I’m not unfamiliar with the therapeutic properties of jamming to some dance music. Stuck in a car? No worries, there are plenty of ways to dance using your upper body. Home alone with a toddler? They’ll enjoy the dancing too plus it will be a sweet source of connection in the midst of the toddler “nos”. Music is a mood-lifter and so are the endorphins that come with physical exertion.

I think I’ll do a fourth post tomorrow and now I have to decide which activity to post on…choices, choices…