In wrapping up this week’s series (here, here, and here) on cloth-diapering I thought I’d post about what we use for cloth-diapering and a bit about how we incorporate it into our life.

What we use

Most of the time I researched cloth diapers I got very overwhelmed. There’s a lot of terminology and many options and a lot of opinion. I even went to our local store twice and tried to get help and came away with only frustration to show for my efforts. The people were nice, but it was too much to take in and my fragile emotional state due to the adoption made it much harder.  In the end, I got some advice from another adoptive mommy and my sis came with me to buy the actual ones I’d chosen.

We bought the Econobum pack from Cotton Babies that comes with three basic white covers and 12 pre-fold cloth diapers. It was a good value and I’m glad we did that. I also bought some extra pre-folds so we had 16 when we brought Junebug home.

I also used a groupon or something like that to our local cloth diaper store, The Nappy Shoppe, to get 4 Sweet Pea diaper covers. They are nicer than the econobum ones -they are sturdier and have leg gussets – plus they come in colors which are cute.

After we got home I realized I did not have enough diapers. I was doing laundry every day and he was soaking through the basic prefolds at night. My mom ran to the Nappy Shoppe for me and came back with these super nice pre-folds (I think it’s these) they recommended that are heftier and bigger than the others we had. We use them at night or when I know we’ll be gone awhile because they absorb more.

We have some three-layered hemp/cotton liners. But I never use them because they are so bulky on our little guy that he can’t even lay on his back or tummy while wearing them.

I have a big trash can in our second bathroom that is lined with a washable, re-usable liner and I store the diapers in there until it’s time to launder them.

I don’t have a poop sprayer yet, but I may get one soon.

How we fit cloth-diapering into our life

One of the ways we fit it into life is to not be legalistic about it. Sometimes I use disposable diapers and I choose not to feel bad about it. On vacation we did all disposables so we could travel the many hours without hauling poopy diapers along and also not have to worry about laundry while relaxing. It’s important that cloth-diapering bless our lives and not make us feel guilty so we make sure to not take it too seriously.

That said, we do use cloth diapers most of the time. By starting it immediately and making it the normal choice, our schedule got built up around cloth diapering. We have a changing station in our room that is stocked with what we need. If we are running low on diapers it is obvious because they are all in one place and neatly folded.

I launder the diapers every other day. They all get dumped in with regular, dye-free, fragrance-free soap on a normal cold cycle and then again, with no additional soap, for a hot cycle. Then the covers line dry on our shower rod and the diapers and diaper pail liner get dried in the dryer.

I have a wet-bag that travels with us in case I have to change his diaper while out and about. I also, of course, keep a couple cloth diapers and a cover in the diaper bag along with a couple disposables in case they are needed.

That about sums it up. Many see cloth-diapering as a very unusual choice, and I guess it is nowadays. If you consider our personalities and the unusual trajectory of our life, plus the fact that my mom was a bit on the crunchy side herself, it’s not surprising. Plus, there is actually a growing segment of moms like me who are making this choice for various reasons. It’s working for us, despite the downsides, and I’m so glad we made this choice.

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