{This is a continuation of my series on Cloth diapering: the good, the bad, and the ugly}

Since the ugly of cloth diapering revolves primarily around body functions that begin with a “p” and a “d”, if you are squeamish about that sort of thing you should click away now. I assume that if you are squeamish you are either not a mom at all or are an uninvolved dad. That’s judgmental of me, but oh well.

The Ugly

1. I consider taking pee-soaked diapers to the laundry bin to be kinda gross. Carrying poop filled diapers to the toilet to dump is down right nasty. Or as I like to say in baby speak to Junebug, “shoo-nasty!” Depending on the type of poop it can range on the nasty scale from “ick” to “@%#$”. Since poop happens, and often happens at least once a day, that is a lot of nasty in my life. Also, in the steps from the changing table to the toilet, it is possible to drop poop on the ground. Not that I have. OK, I have.

2. Sometimes babies get sick and sometimes it means their poop turns to diarrhea. Even so, you still have to get it off the diaper and into the toilet somehow, and probably more than once a day. So gross. So, sooo, so gross. Shiver up your spine, gag in your mouth gross.

3.  My house now always has a lingering smell of poop or pee or whatever from the diaper pail in the bathroom. For someone who can smell absolutely everything all the time, this is a significant hardship!!

4. I won’t say if this is from personal experience or not (wink, wink, nudge, nudge…), but you might just have a couple ugly freakouts when your spouse dumps a dirty diaper (or several) into the unlined diaper pail while the liner is being laundered necessitating that you dig out by hand the shoo-nastiness, place them in the right bag, and get the pail de-bacteria-ized.

Hope you enjoyed the honesty! You can check out my previous posts about cloth-diapering here and here. Tomorrow I’ll post a wrap-up about what diapers and such we use and how we incorporate it all into our life.