{This is a continuation of my posts about cloth-diapering: the good, the bad, and the ugly}

The bad

1. It’s a lot of laundry. I know I said that laundering is a catalyst for productivity and so earthy and all that, but seriously, it’s also a lot of work. And if I get behind I get really behind. I have to stay on top of it, laundering at least every other day, or I will run out of diapers. Considering my personality and its built-in allergies to routine, this can sometimes create internal conflict and external panic. I do not wake up every day yearning to get in touch with the earth mother, or ancient mother, or whatever within me. Sometimes I want to be lazy mother and cloth-diapering puts a cramp in that part of my style.

2. Cloth diapers are not as absorbent as regular diapers because they are not filled with weird chemicals and such. That’s good, but it means changing the diapers often is a part of life so we spend an awful lot of time at our changing station in my bedroom.

3. You can’t just wad a cloth diaper up with one hand all simple and tidy and toss it in a bin. Well, I guess you could under certain circumstances. But I can’t. Our diaper changing station is in our bedroom which is where it makes the most sense for it to be. I do not want to keep a stinking pail of dirty diapers in my bedroom so that’s kept in the second bathroom. This means I have to take the diapers from the bedroom into the bathroom when done with changing. And they don’t tie up in a neat ball. I use my liners for more than one go-round so the inside diaper needs to be tossed in the bin, while the liner is usually being re-used which means I get to carry the pee-soaked diaper in my hands to the bin. I’m used to it I guess, but it will always be gross.

4. Kids clothes are no longer made to accommodate the bulk of cloth diapers which means Junebug looks like a spongebob square pants with his diaper hanging out of his pants and I know some people think it looks weird. Ok. I think it looks weird. But cute too. But weird. Sometimes I let him just go with the diaper and a shirt at home so as not to deal with this problem, but it’s definitely a minor negative to me.

5. I am the resident expert in the house and I can’t say I love being the expert about something to do with pee and poop. My husband tries hard and does his fair share of the diapering when he’s around, but it’s just not as easy for him and that means a lot of the work falls to me, either in the diapering, or in the cleaning up the leak when a poorly wrapped diaper gets soaked through.

That’s not too much bad. But it’s there and it’s real. And it’s honestly discouraging some days. Now for the ugly