This may irritate you at first.

There is one surefire way to get me squirming when in the company of other women. Well, there’s lots of ways. I’m an introvert! But one of the biggest ways is to talk about diets and dieting. Agh! Kill me now.

I find these discussions to be revolting, sad, irritating, mind-boggling, eye opening, but not in the interesting way. I don’t diet. I never have. I do eat a special diet, but only because gluten makes me turn into an arthritic old lady. I must warn you; I can get very judgy when women talk this way because ultimately it’s very self-absorbed and don’t they know that they are feeding into the male-dominant, pornography-driven, corporation-backed, ignorant, selfish, common drivel?!? I warned you.  I get judgy.

Milky Way (left) and Dirty Hippie (right)at the Buena Vista Coffee Roastery – both full-o-fat

I do talk about my weight occasionally with my mom, sisters, or very close friends, but our conversations tend to the philosophical and focus on why we feel we have to look a certain way, or bad habits we’ve picked up that are evidenced by a change in weight.  The bottom line is, I was raised in a family that just didn’t discuss weight much, or ever, and we never diet. My belief is that you should eat well, exercise in a natural way for the joy and health of it, and then accept the weight and shape you are and quit thinking about yourself!! It’s not that I always love the way I look, but seriously, there are way more important things to think about than whether I look like a model, a movie star, or myself at 19.

Rocky Mountain National Park – the type of place I like to exercise with joy and for the health of it.

Have I irritated you yet? Well, now you can feel better because here’s the thing. I realized today that I have my own “diet” problem. No, I still don’t diet, or want to support you in your dieting. But, what I do obsess over and spend a lot of self-absorbed free time on, like some women do with dieting, is…makeup, skincare, and clothing. This is what the women in my family talk about while everyone else is thinking about hips and inches. I have spent more time and money on not just makeup, skincare, and clothing,  but on learning about makeup, skincare, and clothing. I like to find out the whys and compare brands and shop well for things that will suit me. My newest fave? Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials and blog. I die. I was a fan of the original What Not To Wear (UK version) and I also love the US show. I regularly check InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys and it would never occur to me to just buy some piece of clothing without knowing what it does and does not do for my total figure. I’m no expert. The amount of time I spend is not reflected that much in how I look every day, but still I spend the time, all the time.

So, there it is. As Jim Gaffigan says, we all have a McDonald’s. (If you don’t know what that’s referring to, watch his Mr. Universe special)