I have a mad case of nesting. I’m naturally a nester, but my energy has been low with all the unknowns of the adoption process. But not anymore! We found out last week that it’s only a matter of weeks before our little guy gets to come home and it has kicked my nesting into high gear.

So on Saturday, I did the most important thing in the world. I cataloged my china. Because, didn’t that need to be done? What? You don’t think that was a pressing need? Next up I’ll be emptying and re-organizing every closet, dusting the top of the fridge, and washing and ironing the curtains. Well, maybe not that last one. I did that last year for our homestudy so it probably doesn’t need to be done again.

I was given my first set of china as a wedding present. A longtime customer of the family business called and told my Dad to bring me down and pick out some china. His wife had recently died and she had a china remainder business. The china was in a room in their warehouse and I was free to take what I wanted. We went down a few months after I got married and I got the most wonderful pieces. It was hard to choose, but I settled on the Haviland Limoges Princess style. The amount of pieces varies. Nine dinner plates and five teacups and so on.  I like that it’s unfinished. It gives me something to hunt for in antique malls.

The second set was given to me by a long-time family friend. When her grandma was packing up her house to move to a retirement center shortly before she died, she called up and offered me her grandmother’s china. It didn’t fit the style of anyone in the family. I took one look and said, “yes, please!” It’s Georgian Homer Laughlin and I have a lot of it. Between 9-11 place settings of everything plus serving bowls, platters, creamer, gravy boat. Everything.

Both sets mix wonderfully into place settings which suits me perfectly.

What kind of china do you have? Do tell!