I’ve finished up the envelopes for a local Dallas wedding recently. They were classic off-white envelopes from Crane & Co. and the inner envelopes were lined with a heavy cream paper.

One of the things I like to do for brides, if possible, is to customize the calligraphy a bit to match the font used on their invitation. I am not a believer in the consumer culture we’ve built up around weddings (and other things) in the past few years and I don’t customize things because I think we all need everything customized to our taste. I do it because it’s a small detail that adds to the beauty of the whole invitation. The reason I love to do calligraphy for weddings is because I believe that the time and attention we put into making things beautiful is a sign of how important they are. Beautiful calligraphy on an invitation set shows the guests that you value them and that this wedding is not just an ordinary event or party.It’s a sacred ceremony that is one of the foundations for how we live life and it is worthy of being honored.

In the coming days I will be doing the place cards and table cards for this same wedding so I will post pictures when I am done.