Before I left town I had prepared a blog post for Wednesday about parenting books, but the internet up at the cabin wasn’t working right and by the time it did I was so deep in vacation mode I decided to shelve the blog post for later. I’ll have to post about parenting books later because right now I want to talk about my newest cookbook. Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying & Start Making by Alana Chernila

This cookbook is my newest favorite thing. I found out about this cookbook from a Alicia Paulson at Posie Gets Cozy. I found it at the bookstore to do the obligatory look through, then I used a gift card I had to order it. Since I placed the order just before leaving town, it was waiting for me when I got back. It made coming back to 92 degree temps more bearable knowing this book was waiting in my mailbox.

On Monday, I made my first recipe from the book. Mustard. Why mustard? Well, we were out. And making it is cheaper than buying it. And it’s easy. And I needed to make something from the book this week! And that fits the strains on both time and budget. I spent $ .77 on mustard seeds and then used bits of this and that from my pantry. All in all, this jar, plus another half jar cost me about $1.00. It tastes so good – spicy like she says. I can’t wait to taste a bit each day and notice the mellowing of flavor.

I heartily recommend this book. Alana’s recipes are easy to understand, the stories behind them are delightful to read, she is encouraging and full of helpful hints, and it’s important to make things at home and quit buying processed food!