Probably the most common calligraphy commissions I get are for custom frame-able art. I know most people associate calligraphy with wedding envelopes, but there is a whole range of art you can create with calligraphy and I really enjoy working on these custom pieces. I love everything about it from the opportunity to listen to someone’s vision for a piece, to the layout and design. I of course love doing the lettering and then there is the anticipation in the wait to see how they react.

Last year I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted me to write out the two pieces that were read at his wedding as an anniversary present for his wife. He was specific in wanting a casual style, rust-colored ink, and that it be big enough to be readable. One was the poem “The Master Speed” by Robert Frost, a new poem to me, and it resonated in my heart. I messed up one little thing on the first version, so I made a second, but kept the first for myself. I’ve been meaning to hang the second copy in our home, but hadn’t found the right frame until this weekend. I noticed a mirror that I’ve used in different places and thought it would be a perfect frame. I just mounted the poem to the mirror with a glue that makes a firm, but not permanent hold, and then hung the piece in our bedroom. I love how the silver frame and mirror make the whole piece sparkle.